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Dongguan Nuotai adhesive products factory is a professional R & D, production, sales of the adhesive, sealant, anaerobic glue, instant adhesives, silicone rubber adhesive products enterprises. Sinopep company focus on a number of pioneering industrial adhesive application and development of engineering and technical experts, participate in customer design, manufacturing, repair the entire process, suitable for all kinds of engineering adhesives provide customer, improve the product quality for the customer, reduce cost, improve product market competition and work. Since the establishment of the company always adhere to independent innovation, and constantly adapt to the customers of the production process, the applicability of the continuous improvement of products, according to customer demand to provide a complete set of adhesive and sealing solution, by customers and dealers alike; Norte people committed to disseminating adhesive and sealing technology, in order to ensure quality and reduce cost for customers to solve various responsibility, coordination adhesive and sealing requirements. Sinopep company's products are widely used in electronics manufacturing, plastic hardware, sports equipment, motor, lighting manufacturing, new energy, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, Home Furnishing decoration, machinery manufacturing, the application of composite materials; suitable for structural adhesive, pipe thread sealing, potting, special protection element. Nuotai adhesive series: epoxy resin adhesive, acrylic structural adhesive, anaerobic type screw fixing agent, anaerobic type pipe sealant, structural adhesives, UV adhesives, UV silicone adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, quick drying adhesive etc.. Nuotai coating equipment series: one component automatically / semi automatic dispensing equipment, bi component automatic and semi automatic dispensing equipment, two-component glue gun, static mixing tube and other accessories. Nortel will bring quality assurance in modern scientific management for you, with a good reputation, high quality products and dedicated service to repay customers for the love of Norte rubber industry. The company all staff always adhere to the "quality first, users first" professional spirit wealth, and make unremitting efforts for the construction of modern enterprise, we sincerely welcome new and old customers to cooperate with us to create brilliant.
Main Products
South Korea loctite glue, 401 glue, Letai anaerobic glue, South Korea loctite, Le Thai Korea
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Contact:   Wang Xiaoyun
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Liaobu Zhen Keng Kou Industrial District of Dongguan