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Three Xin Wan Shu (Beijing) International Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Three Xin Wan Shu (Beijing) International Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. is a set of international trade, culture and education, children's products R & D service and other fields, multi industry, diversification, a full range of world famous enterprises. In recent years, the group is committed to the main food research and Food & beverage management, and its strong capital strength, product development team, advanced food taste, unique management mode, become the development of fast food industry leader in twenty-first Century. In order to make "green delicious" to share with the world, three Xin Wan Shu (Beijing) International Investment Consultant Limited articles full American fast food operation and management mode of the successful landing in 2008, China food market, and the establishment of "Uncle Tom" fast food brand in the China. The group is hereby authorized three Xin Wan Shu (Beijing) international investment consultant limited solely responsible for "Uncle Tom" fast food in China area market development and services. Three Xin Wan Shu (Beijing) International Investment Consulting Co. Ltd brought western fast food system of production, operation and management experience, has a unique raw materials and advanced technology and equipment. "Uncle Tom" fast food provides fresh and delicious quality such as a food to people, friendly, quick service, comfortable dining environment and popularization, value for money products price. We have inherited western style fast food at the same time, according to the differences between Chinese people's eating habits and regional development of American fast food, Cereals, fruit and vegetable shop, nonesuch grilled wings series, in the region to meet the basic needs of the flavor to provide consumers with more healthy, delicious, nutrition enjoyment. Three Xin Wan Shu (Beijing) International Investment Consulting Co. Ltd. will be the quality, service and environment of good quality, strengthen its management idea and the management team, concerned about the practical needs every investor and consumer, improve the company and stores the vitality and market competitiveness, create a beautiful and brilliant career of Uncle Tom.
Main Products
Uncle Tom Western-style food, Tom American fast food meal, Tom, uncle Tom, Tom new fast food
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Contact:   Engineering Manager
Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  Beijing Daxing District Xihongmen Road No. 26 (pearl business 1-B-2)