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Tai'an high tech Zone Dawen River drying sand factory Brand
Business Model
Tai'an Dawenkou drying sand factory has rich sand resources and advanced production equipment, sand resources is in the city of Tai'an Dawen river washed sand, and through the large dryer drying, moisture, then dry sand and cement "Taishan" brand cement mixing production of masonry, plastering mortar. To adjust the proportion of cement according to the customer's requirements and models. Tai'an Dawenkou drying sand factory is a set of production, sales, technology promotion, engineering construction, product development as one of the comprehensive building energy service enterprises, R & D and promotion of new wall materials. Tai'an Dawenkou drying sand factory has its own professional construction team, construction on the management system of rigorous, rich construction experience, professional technical services, energy-saving buildings to the most satisfactory to the customer. I plant the production of 20-40 mesh, 40-70 mesh, 70-120 mesh (adjustable mesh) high quality drying sand, the products are mainly used for building exterior wall thermal insulation dry mixed mortar, is also widely used in foundry machinery, sewage treatment, sand blasting, artificial sand industry, high standard, uniform particles, package factory. Excellence in quality and price advantage of the products and common development with you. Address: Shandong province Tai'an city set Po Zhen Nan line 6 kilometers Tel: 0538-8908777 Mobile phone: 13053832355 Q Q: 835404328 Contact: Mr. Zhou Zip code: 271000 Web site:
Main Products
Dry sand, washed sand, fine sand, used for external wall insulation casting sand, sand
Contact information
Contact:   Zhou Yanlong
Addr:   Shandong Province  The city of Ji'nan  Shandong high tech Zone of Tai'an City, 6 kilometers north set Po Zhen Nan Lu Xi