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Liaocheng XINRUITE lighter equipment spare parts Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Liaocheng City Xin. Lighter parts equipment limited company, since the workshop assembly lighter, has developed into an independent research and development, production, sales of three major categories of more than a dozen lighter special assembly equipment, a comprehensive enterprise, finished in one of the lighter. Has applied for national patents. Only five type without electricity, no air pump, self pressurization device, is applied for several national patents. The company's products have great lighter equipment, lighter parts, lighter inflator assembly tool, lighter, lighter printing printing equipment, lighter automatic surface valve machine, fully automatic firearms lighter tone. With the production of the domestic leading pneumatic inflating device, access to two national patents, to fill the domestic blank. The company's lighter parts according to ISO9001 international standard management, production in accordance with the ISO9994 international quality standard. Company sales and unique mode of operation among the forefront of the country, sales network all over the country, products in short supply, and to build the leading national brand. Automatic quantitative inflator (2009 great new) great patent technology (ZL200720023231.X) using lighter inflatable special quantitative device, to avoid the casing filled cracks as well, inflation speed, unique automatic refueling system, quantitative accuracy, cylinder material: R2 stainless steel body imported rubber ring. Good sealing performance, high accuracy, save on gas.
Main Products
Lighter equipment, lighter parts, lighter assembly, printing printing, lighter
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Contact:   Sun Yong
Addr:   Shandong Province  Ji'nan City  Shandong province Liaocheng city Hunan Road Economic Development Zone East first