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Business Model
Zhengzhou o lattice cupboard door Co., Ltd is a professional set design in ambry door plank, development production cupboard door, cabinet door, cupboard door sales as one of the major cabinet manufacturer, main products: integral ambry, crystal just cupboard door, waterproof ceramic crystal just door, wood cabinets, waterproof cabinet, bulletproof toughened glass table and in Piana mesa, stainless steel table, the whole wardrobe, toilet partition, cabinet waterproof plate. The factory 305 employees, 22 engineering and technical personnel. And the introduction of a set of Germany advanced production line investment in 2005, formed a one-stop professional production system, the development of family love, UV, paint, plastic, crystal steel, color mirror and other products; in 1999 May through the ISO9001 quality system certification, the same year passed the ISO1400 environmental management system certification, become the first peer through quality, environmental certification enterprises. Product marketing network all over the country more than 80 provinces and cities, and exported to Taiwan, South Korea and other countries and the city. Companies adhering to the "sincerity oriented, the source of innovation, respect, quality for survival" spirit of enterprise to customers; "professional, dedicated, single-minded" professionalism, adherence to the "market as the guide, resource sharing" marketing idea, to create the industry brand, fashion, avant-garde achievements classic representative.
Main Products
The overall cabinets, a whole wardrobe, cupboard door, cabinet waterproof Osaka ambry mesa, bulletproof
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Contact:   Zhang Hongjun
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Zhengzhou East Development Zone