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Xiamen grand stage festival etiquette Service Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Business philosophy: To the quality of the customer is responsible for is fundamental; in good faith for the sake of customers is the idea; Integrate the four corners of the world culture and custom, classic pure aggregation at all times and in all countries The purpose of the company: With the fastest speed, the highest quality, best price, always ready to serve you. The company services: Quality assurance, stars of the service, is we stay ahead of the secret. Superb technology, reasonable price, your choice is our reason. Rich experience, abundant resources, is your trust in our foundation.
Main Products
The celebration, business etiquette, public relations model, lighting and sound, the Xiamen Athletics
Contact information
Contact:   Liu Yong
Addr:   Fujian Province  Fuzhou City  Longshan Xiamen West Road, No. 18