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Yantai SHUNFA Moving Service Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Yantai moving company was founded in 1990 January, is a collection of residents move, office relocation, moving freight, long short distance transport, goods packaging, disassembly of furniture, hourly service, piano handling, heavy equipment, air conditioning, server migration relocation as one of the large moving company in Yantai, the existing truck, flatbed, crane more than 10 nearly 50 employees. The company has many branch in Yantai area, make full use of advanced computer network is unified attemper platform nearby sends a car, ensure the timely and effective, and thoughtful service, safe, to provide you with Yantai moving service. Yantai moving company
Main Products
Yantai moving, moving company in Yantai, Yantai Development Zone to move, move the phone, moving company telephone
Contact information
Contact:   Lou Zong
Addr:   Shandong Province  Ji'nan City  Zhifu District of Yantai City