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Thousands of Liaoning Ming Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd Brand
Business Model
In 1996, thousands of constructed the first eye care chain organization -- "a thousand li vision rehabilitation care center", using thousands of bright series products, through the selection of acupoints massage ointment, plaster sticking, oral capsules, topical eye drops can improve eyesight. To win the trust of parents, children love to get. After 12 years of market experience, in the eye care industry success. Now thousands of shows in Shenyang and Dalian has set up 5 stores, the development of more than 1000 chain stores, sales network throughout the country 25 provinces, more than 600 City, has formed the unique patterns of marketing network. Unique products, outstanding effect, the health of the corporate image, let thousands of bright continuous won the "Liaoning province high tech enterprise", "Liaoning famous brand products", "national chain enterprises", "A Well-Known Trademark in China" honorary title; get expert and authority approval, famous expert of Department of Ophthalmology, Institute of Chinese medicine China honorary president Tang Youzhi gave a high evaluation: "a thousand li myopia prevention, promote bright project"; more let a thousand li become a media darling, CCTV focus interview, Liaoning new North, Yingkou news, worker's daily, Liaoning daily, time business, business and other media have reported on the thousands of bright, making thousands of bright become national focus, reputation. Thousands of bright, a function, the brand as the core of the enterprise; a set research and development, production, sales in one of the modern enterprise; a walk in the forefront of the industry vision rehabilitation franchise chain platform; one does not forget the social responsibility, to meet Chinese wealth desire of the enterprise; a committed youth vision rehabilitation enterprise, is attracting more and more attention to the eyes, let more people to join the ranks of light engineering, action is also the world
Main Products
Thousands of bright eye ointment, thousands of bright plaster, thousands of bright eyedrop
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Contact:   Lin Jihua
Addr:   Liaoning Province  Shenyang City  Shenyang city Shenhe District unity Road No. 76