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Shandong Tai'an machinery concrete pump manufacturing Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The company production of concrete pump can pump characteristics of high-rise and long distance, concrete engineering can be widely used in high-rise building, coal mine, mine, tunnel, railway, highway, bridge, port, water conservancy, electricity, national defense engineering, concrete pump is a high efficiency feeding machine. 1, the pumping system is powered by a motor or a diesel engine to provide specialized, so that the rotation has the advantages of simple structure, which shortens the rotation chain, improve the efficiency of the rotation, the failure rate is reduced, extended service life. 2, with the main oil pump imported from Germany Rexroth, high performance, high efficiency. Equipped with hydraulic valve group, the switching action is accurate and reliable. Select the PLC concentration control system programming, realized the operation of intelligent and humane. 3, the electric control system has the good man-machine interface, the system uses the Japanese Mitsubishi and other well-known brands of components. 4, remote operation and remote control equipped with disk: two operating device, easy operation. 5, automatic high voltage switching: only need to complete the high and low voltage conversion, then press a button smart light, handy. The company will continue, with strong technology, high reliability of the products, warm and thoughtful service to meet our customers need.
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Concrete pump, concrete pump, concrete pump for mine, fine stone concrete pump, small aggregate pump
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