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Kunshan City dispensing Technology Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The company has a rigorous training mature team of high-quality, high level of sales and after-sales service capacity, sales and after-sales service network throughout the southeast coastal cities. We uphold the integrity of the business philosophy, focus on your quality, with you hand in hand, to enhance the value for you is our pursuit of the goal. Our company main products: non-contact dispensing conformal coating glue dispensing needle dispensing machine needle cylinder precision needle dispenser automatic dispensing machine automatic dispenser Since the establishment of the company, we have by virtue of advanced technical backing, fluid control products with high quality and speedy and perfect after-sales service, make the business continue to grow and develop, become fluid control equipment, professional manufacturing company in the same industry with the most core competitiveness. The advantage of achievements not only thanks to our technology, products and after-sales service, more due to our company each employee life creed: hard work, honesty, enthusiasm, and the products always in pursuit of excellence, and the consensus of the majority of users. We believe that being a man is a prerequisite to a career; we also believe that made up by us such a team will go far higher. For every one of our goals, we will never give up!
Main Products
Glue machine, automatic glue machine, automatic glue machine, floor type dispensing machine, glue machine
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Contact:   He Zeren
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  Jiangsu province Yushan city Kunshan town Lou Court Road No. 179 building 803 room: