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Inner Mongolia Zhenglong Grain Food Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Inner Mongolia Zhenglong Grain Food Co. Ltd is located in the city of Hohhot Tuodian Industry Park, is based on organic green products planting, production, R & D, sales, deep and fine processing, logistics and distribution mainly of modern high and new technology industry. Hunger breeds discontentment, in the increasingly serious environmental pollution and food safety incidents occur frequently in human life and pose a great threat to health, food safety problem is becoming the focus of attention. Coarse grain resource advantage Zhenglong grain to rely on be richly endowed by nature, in the spirit of advocating natural harmony, the pursuit of health and environmental protection of the original ecology concept. Has always been to "the development of grains of resources, the noble idea of healthy Chinese people" for business purposes. Committed to the community to provide clean, green, pollution-free organic cereal products, Zhenglong grain strict customs of raw materials, the company in accordance with the unified standard, unified planning, unified planting, unified management, unified recovery, and the crops tracking management. At the same time, the company also invested in the construction of high-tech materials processing production line, production line has been built of grains and beans, millet processing production line, hot pepper sauce production line, fabric processing production line. Now the products listed, have to support County grains as raw materials refined packaging products - "sweet gruel color meter", to support the county pepper as raw material products - "spicy legend", to support the county cereals as raw material flour products series - "grains show surface", well received by consumers and praise. All the products of the company have passed the safety of the food market access, market access and QS, organic food certification, the certification of origin, export enterprises hygiene registration, and through ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 international environmental management system certification, HACCP international food safety management system certification certification. Hidden world, a grain of millet in thousands of years long Chinese, food culture, food grains like gold in the brilliant luster, divergence. Zhenglong grain Cereals, extraction of the sperm, expansion technology arm, build brand China grains. To provide security for the people's health, is our mission.
Main Products
Sweet porridge coloured rice, spicy legend, golden corn powder, barreled grains, good home ceremony
Contact information
Contact:   Liu Dingbang
Addr:   Inner Mongolia  Hohhot City  Inner Mongolia City West University University Hohhot Kang Du 801 block A Zhenglong grain marketing