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Shenzhen Cassill Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shenzhen Cassill Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") was founded in 1998 August, is a professional R & D, design, copy board, development and production of printed circuit board (PCB), the flexible circuit board (FPC) of combination of hardware and software (FPCB), resistance and high frequency control of high precision buried blind via (HDI) ultrathin, super long, aluminum and materials of high-tech enterprises. The company now has more than 700 employees, plant area of nearly 15000 square meters, staff dormitory 4000 square meters, the monthly output of up to 150000 square meters. Process and the technological process of supporting the production of complete, with the modernization of the dust-free workshop and office building. The company since its inception, and constantly introduce advanced equipment from Germany, Hongkong, Taiwan and other regions and production technology, is committed to the development and production of high density and high reliability of circuit board. The company also respect for talent, reuse talent, set up a full of youthful spirit, professional dedication, experienced technical, production and management team, a sound from the market development, engineering design, production, quality assurance, customer service service management system. The company production of circuit boards are widely used in computers, communications equipment, precision instruments and other high-tech fields. Aviation, communications, microelectronics and automation control. Medical instrumentation, control board of high precision test equipment in the. Liquid crystal display module and large screen control panel. Games and light digital industry. Product quality in line with the international IPC-A-600G (CLASS2), UL and ROHS environmental standards. And the products are exported to Hongkong, Taiwan, Europe and the United states. The company adhere to the "people-oriented, manufacturing quality, expand business and return to society" business purposes, to "quality norms, innovation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" as the quality policy, will enlist the talents as the foundation of enterprise, improve product quality for the mission, we to pass through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification and product quality in the United States UL standards, ROHS standards, the EU SGS unleaded product certification. We follow the principle of customer first, high-quality products, to provide a circuit board production through-train service and reasonable price for you, welcome domestic and foreign businessmen, calls to negotiate. Fast and accurate are our characteristics. Single and double sample 24 hours a day, multilayer model layer, namely the four plate for four days, six plate for six days, followed by analogy. Connect formal order production of double-sided board after 5-6 days, 7-9 days of multilayer board. (Division I opened the line production, one for mass line; another is the development company ad hoc express line, double the fastest 24 hours, 48 hours of four layer, six layer 72 hours) model after flying probe test, the delivery rate of 100%PASS.
Main Products
Circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, FPC, FPC board, FPC board
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Contact:   Zhao Qiangao
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Shajing Town and village Henderson Industrial Park building B2