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Business Model

Guangzhou Hua'ao Customs Service Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, development has become a professional custom brokers company, the company mainly in Whampoa  Nansha, Shenzhen, for operation center. After years of development and growth, the company strength unceasingly strengthens, and have ports of trailers team!

the companies operating in the original is customer first, mutual benefit, secure and efficient, to satisfy the needs of customers. The spirit of “ punctual and trustworthy, enthusiastic service ” sincerely hope to work, with more commercial circle of friends and common development, create success.

our existing customs broker, trailers, warehouse, have all assets rights.

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Customs Service

1, Ao company by company in Whampoa , Nansha docks units of good relations of cooperation, mainly provides groceries, bulk cargo and cargo package single package check package clearance customs clearance services. Such goods declaration has the advantages of simple procedure, safety of goods, customs clearance time is short.

2, according to the market more and more goods without documents, I to provide the common goods including paper and customs clearance agent. Our company will provide the export customs declaration, the customs declaration agency Division I single.

3, factory, provide export custom clearance.

two, trailer transport services

    I Division their drag racing has its own vehicle 30 station, GPS tracking management Single Drag the ,

Main Products
Business scope: Guangzhou customs, Whampoa  customs, Nansha customs, Guangzhou, Whampoa , Nansha Trailer Trailer Trailer, Guangzhou commodity inspection, inspection, Guangzhou warehouse in Guangzhou, China Hong Kong Express
Contact information
Contact:   Luo Yuhao
Addr:   Guangdong Province  The city of Guangzhou  Guangzhou Fu Xing commerce building, No. 163 Tianhe District Whampoa  Road West, East Tower 6GHI