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Hebei cangsheng pipe fittings manufacturing Co. Ltd., is located in the Chinese pipe manufacturing industry base -- Yanshan, east of Bohai, north of Beijing and tianjin. The 205 national highway, Tsang Lok Road from across the territory, the transportation is convenient, beautiful environment, is a star enterprise in North China region. Hebei cangsheng pipe fittings manufacturing Co., Ltd. products are pipe series: elbow, flange, three, pipe cap, steel, forged flange, reducer, elbow, tube base, four, stainless steel elbow, seamless steel pipe, flange, alloy elbow, different diameter pipe, reducing elbow, a reducing pipe, head and various thickness wall pipe fittings, pieces of pipe fittings, GB; pipe fittings series: (74DD smoke pulverized coal piping parts series, 02S403, 02S404 national building standard design of steel pipeline fittings, GD87 thermal power plant parts and components, GD2000 pipeline miscellaneous accessories) comprises a manhole, damper, explosion-proof doors, valve drive device, three displacement indicator, separator, soft rubber joints, expansion joints, filter, orifice plate, corrugated compensator, creep measurement point, the flow measurement device; the above products are widely used in electric power, heating, chemical industry, oil refining, natural gas, mining, metallurgical and construction industries. To ensure the quality of products, the company in accordance with the ISO9001 standard to establish a strict quality assurance system. From raw materials into the factory review, until the finished product factory always adhere to the full inspection system and NDT intermediate control of production process. The company has a complete set of fittings for products of chemical analysis, mechanical properties, metallographic analysis, magnetic powder flaw detection, ultrasonic detection, the X ray flaw detection and water pressure blasting and experimental means, can fully meet the requirements of the detection of users of the. Our company adopts the management mechanism, scientific honesty, with the reputation and development, adhere to the "realistic" style of work, won the majority of the friends of the trust and support, Cang Saint confidence sincerely look forward to your arrival, hand in hand, create a better future.
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Pipe fittings, steel pipe, chemical pipe and fittings
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