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Zhuhai Yalin Cleaning Services Ltd Jiangxi branch Brand
Business Model
Zhuhai Yalin Cleaning Services Ltd Jiangxi branch is a provincial branch of Zhuhai Nga clean company, is a private joint-stock enterprises, since its establishment in 2003, turnover of more than 7800000, management of the size of the project more than 30, more than 420 employees, including management staff more than 25 people, professional and technical staff of more than 18 people in the process, the service has been advocating a new concept of cleaning GNC green cleaning technology, before you clean, bright colors at the same time, a highly stressed GNC green cleaning, no pollution to the environment, the non wound cleaning material. We always adhere to the serious, rigorous scientific attitude, adhering to the Zhuhai SAR and perfect service concept. Since the establishment of the staff always stressed that "to do simple things repeatedly, a thousand times no mistake -- is success" after numerous times of accumulated experience and a set of the most simple and most efficient working procedures, continuous training so that each employee's work program completely consistent so that customers in the details of our out of the ordinary sense. With strong support, Guangdong Academy of Science in technology of refine on, in the region has become fully deserve the industry model.
Main Products
Property cleaning, the external walls of high-altitude operations, maintenance of central air-conditioning cleaning, greening, epidemic prevention disinfection, cleaning equipment wholesale and retail business
Contact information
Contact:   Jiang Zhitao
Addr:   Guangdong Province  The city of Guangzhou  Qingshanhu District, Nanchang City National Road No. 166 201-202