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the company is a professional engaged in the clothing, fabric, accessories and other related textile trade inventory. Founded in 92 years, has more than 10 years of marketing experience, strong financial background, is a strong strength of domestic and foreign trade companies. The company's long-term cash to buy the manufacturers and businessmen inventory backlog of needle, woven apparel (Korean version of women, fashion, dress, skirt, jeans, T-Shirts, casual wear, handsome suit, sweater, coat, jacket, T-Shirts, sportswear, etc.); needle, woven fabrics (denim, twill, cotton cloth, silk TC, nylon, etc.); cotton yarn; lace; leather; leather; toys; garment accessories; clothing vehicle equipment and all related products, we will accept the customer calls with the greatest sincerity, and the fastest way to come to see goods pricing, with the most reasonable price for cash transactions. We sincerely thank all of the calls thanks, intermediary weight reward. Contact: Lv Ronghua
  the strength of company funds, the first Lutheran, in pursuit of a large quantity of thin profits for the purpose, the price is higher than all peers, we can from
Has the final contract, intermediary weight reward. We welcome your call to discuss! (at home purchase) contact: Lv Rongde   the telephone company 020-86423229      mobile 13902201958    RONGDE9888@126.COM    < / p>

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Pants Trousers Jeans
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Contact:   Lv Rongde
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Baiyun District