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Zhejiang Hongfa Group Co., Ltd. since its inception in 1974, has always insisted on reforming the traditional industry with high and new technology, focus on the introduction of equipment, technology development, product innovation and environmental protection, and always maintain the sustainable development, has now developed into a set of textile and chemical fiber, nylon polymerization, export trade, coal mining, industrial investment, financial investment as one of the large-scale modernization enterprise group. The group now has total assets of 2000000000 yuan, covers an area of 300 acres more than 1600 employees, including all types of professional and technical personnel more than 500 people. Group under the jurisdiction of Hongfu nylon, Qingsheng cloth, Hongfa Import & export, Qing Li textile raw material and other subsidiaries.

“ to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools ”. Advanced production equipment is an important guarantee for producing high quality products, excellent equipment to create superior quality. Hongfa group has advanced SOMET rapier, air-jet loom more than 500 Taiwan; Japan 33H texturing machine 10; two imported from Germany with an annual output of 70000 polymer engineering company patent technology and key equipments of tons of nylon 6 polymerization slice production line, and the corresponding twisting, warping, sizing, spinning production equipment. The company an annual output of all kinds of polyester, T/R, cotton, denim, fashion series of textile fabric is 80000000 meters; the processing of various types of polyester, nylon stretch yarn, polyester and nylon composite wire 20000 tons; production of nylon (nylon) 6 sections of 70000 tons, annual output value of 2600000000 yuan, export 30000000 dollar.
Group for many years been the top 100 enterprises in Hangzhou City, Xiaoshan District top 100 enterprises, the contract and keeping promises units, bank credit AAA level, through the international quality system, measurement system, standardization system certification. The group owns the Hangzhou Municipal Technology Center, the member unit of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export for textiles, China credit enterprises, Chinese enterprises integrity demonstration units, Zhejiang province foreign trade export outstanding enterprises, the private economy of Zhejiang Province demonstration base. The company produced “ strong ” brand series of textile fabric as brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, at the same time “ silk square crepe ” and “ invisible slub denim flares of ” and “ polyester wool spinning, ” the only other products by Zhejiang provincial new product appraisal, “ Qing Li ” brand polyamide (nylon) 6 sections of Zhejiang province science and Technology Department was included in the Zhejiang provincial new product plans, “ nylon 6 high speed spinning fiber grade semi dull dry section ” through the provincial new product appraisal organizations of Zhejiang Province Economic and trade commission. The company is also actively engaged in industrial investment, in order to continue to become bigger and stronger enterprises, and promote sound and rapid development of Hongfa group.

Main Products
The garment fabric and chemical fiber raw materials for nylon 6 Slice
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