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Taizhou Tongyang Washing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the city of national level development of Yangtze River Delta, Taizhou City, Jiangsu province &mdash. The company under the jurisdiction of Taizhou City, Tongjiang washing machinery factory, Jiangsu province is the largest, most complete equipment, professional manufacturing clothing and fabric washing machine and hotel / hotel / hospital laundry equipment of the professional manufacturers, factory direct sales, a full set of equipment offers. Hotline 13301430058.
公司主要产品有:15kg—70kg小型水洗打样机,15kg—400kg(水洗、石磨、砂洗)工业洗衣机,10kg—150kg工业烘干机,φ500—1500型全不锈钢脱水机,100kg—300kg滚筒式成衣染色机,10kg--100kg全自动洗脱机(全自动悬浮式洗涤脱水一体机),折叠机,卫生隔离式全自动洗脱机,1800--3000型自动烫平机,270kg日式电脑变频牛仔水洗机,牛仔喷砂机,牛仔服装手檫机,喷马骝机,200kg—400kg皮革水洗揉纹机,皮革烘干机,丝绸砂洗机,真丝砂洗机,羊毛清洗设备,羊毛清洗机,羊毛脱水机,羊毛烘干机,毛衣縮绒机,面料砂洗机,船用洗衣机,船用洗衣设备,船用烫平机,船用干衣机,工业滤布清洗机,地毯清洗机,6-13KG全自动干洗机,蒸汽烫台, Steam generator .
products widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, silk, leather, knitted garment finishing, washing, sand, stone, sand blasting, dyeing, garment washing processing business, and hotels, hotels, hostels, hospitals, schools, ship, chemical, wool washing processing laundry washing processing business.
the company focus on product quality and reputation, our aim is “ treat people with sincerity, to the letter Li Shi, work with diligence, decision to shen! ” after-sales service and timely, not only selling products, but also exported to many countries in the world. Three Guarantees quality, life-long service, and provide long-term parts and repair services.
Company Name: Jiangsu Taizhou Tongyang Washing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.            
    Taizhou Tongjiang washing machinery factory                        
company address: Jiangsu Taizhou city Jiangzhou Road Development Zone No. 728                  
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contact: Cao Houhua (General Manager)
(0) 13301430058    0523— 86861688    86565738 (fax)
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Industrial washing machine, full automatic washing machine, washing machine, sand washing machine, drying machine, dryer, ironing machine, folding machine, dyeing machine, leather kneading machine, carpet cleaning machines, dryers, sandblasting machine, leather hand washing machine, polishing machine, monkey machine, washing machine, washing equipment, washing equipment, sand washing equipment, laundry equipment, drying equipment, dewatering equipment
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Contact:   Cao Houhua
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Taizhou City  No. 728 North Jiangzhou Road