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  New Shanghai group, Chinese largest flax fabric production enterprise 10 strong enterprises China flax linen products national standards of corporate China brand-name products Chinese popular materials for enterprise  

Founded in 1998, the new Shanghai group is a market-oriented high-end textile fabrics of textile enterprises, set linen product design, development and production, and achieved a one-stop service exports from the textile raw material production to the garment. By France, Belgium imported flax, flower type novel. The company has advanced the Mackay spinning equipment 19000 ingot, Italy no 480 shuttle looms, spinning capacity of 3600 tons, 12000000 meters fabric of linen fabrics, dyeing and finishing a half drift 3000000 meters to buda. Number of staff more than 3000 people. For a long time with the famous international brand to establish a good relationship of cooperation. The sourcing of international advanced design and management philosophy, strict internal management system. Created with independent intellectual property rights of linen brand.2005 introduced a new design concept of Italy advanced launched a new series of linen fabrics, full technical guidance from design, textile fabric weaving, dyeing, finishing. Linen fabrics of the new Shanghai style and quality of the advanced international level, it is to realize the localization of the imported fabrics production. Let the world more wonderful linen is the pursuit of the new shanghai.  

New Shanghai group is located in the silk of the house, a famous tourist city in Suzhou &mdash. After 10 years of development, uphold the quality of every day, be consistent from beginning to end “ ” business philosophy, advocating “ first person, after doing ” core values, to make the world more wonderful linen “ ” faith, with continuous efforts and development, has formed a linen, silk, textile, garment manufacturing, brand management, real estate development and import and export trade as one integrated large-scale enterprise groups. Existing fixed assets have reached 500000000 yuan, the new Shanghai Group registered capital of 249000000 yuan, covers an area of 500 mu, the total assets of 500000000 yuan.  

Xinshen linen Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in linen textile production and trade enterprises, annual sales of more than 400000000 yuan. The company has advanced the Mackay spinning equipment 19000 ingot, Italy no 480 shuttle looms, spinning capacity of 3600 tons, 12000000 meters fabric of linen fabrics, dyeing and finishing a half drift 3000000 meters above buda.  

Xinshen linen various linen products delivery time: according to customers to sample the texture.
1- fabric: conventional varieties in stock. May at any time.
2- dyeing cloth: making time: 3-6 days. Sampling time: 10-15 days. Shipment: 15-20 days.
Note: the enlarged sample each color charge cylinder fee of 500, make the goods returned.
3- dyed: playing time: seven days. Sampling time: 20-25 days. Shipment: 25-30 days.
Note: dyed goods quantity: 1000 yards.

The new Shanghai sample group free of charge to the customer and provide service thugs pattern design

Fabric count: 4.5s— — 42s

Fabric width: — — 40 '74' (Cheng Pin)

Suitable for: linen fabrics and home textile fabrics flax (linen sofa)

Quantity: 1000 yards of

Delivery time: 10-35 days (10000 m / pattern)

Specializing in the production of new Shanghai flax (linen cloth, alenconnes, linen cloth, linen fabric, linen cloth, linen cloth gilt, silver foil linen cloth, linen cloth, linen cloth, coating scraping slubby linens, linen and cloth, linen fabrics, linen cloth, linen linen, linen PU coated fabric, linen cloth, linen, linen composite plain twill, flax weaving, jacquard, yarn dyed flax linen, linen blended yarn, woven linen, linen cloth, linen cloth clothing, linen textile fabrics, linen sofa)) linen, linen cotton, linen weaving, semi bleached linen cloth, linen dyeing of yarn dyed printed cloth, linen cotton, linen, the flax yarn, linen yarn dyed fabric full, full half bleaching flax fabric dyeing and printing, all linen, linen cotton, linen, linen, linen, linen cloth, semi bleached linen, linen dyeing and printing, cotton, linen stick, hemp yarn dyed. Linen, linen fabric series. Linen, linen yarn, linen cotton, linen, cotton, half bleaching flax, flax yarn, linen, linen fabric, hemp fabric, linen, cotton, adhesive Linen flax yarn, linen table linen, linen cotton fabrics series, cotton yarn dyed linen, linen sofa, sofa fabric, half bleaching linen, linen Tencel linen fabric, linen, and linen, linen cotton, silk and hemp silk fabric, nylon, polyester, Ma Tiansi linen flax linen, wool fabric, linen bamboo fiber fabric, flax, silk and so on. At the same time, welcome customers to come to the texture of special varieties, also welcome customers to develop new products!

The new Shanghai flax for linen fabrics, linen textile fabrics, linen fabric: fabric, linen shirts for men and women of flax fabric of linen trousers, casual apparel fabrics, linen suit fabric of flax linen curtains and sofa linen gift box packaging fabrics linen pillow, cushion fabrics flax bags, bags fabrics linen scarf fabrics flax bags fabric of flax the napkin, table mat, handkerchief, tablecloth, cloth fabric.  

Company firmly believes that, only the continuous development of new products and reduce the cost to customers, stability, the development of a more broad market. Therefore, the company with a number of research institutes in close cooperation, joint development of new products with market potential.

Main Products
Linen cloth, alenconnes, linen cloth, linen fabric, linen cloth; Shen new brand pure linen, cotton, linen, silk, nylon sticky Ma Ma; Shen new brand of ramie and polyester, dew retting linen, silk linen, rayon linen; Xinshen linen cloth bags, cloth, denim, bamboo scarf Festival cloth; Xinshen linen woven wire cloth, cloth, canvas, canvas
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Contact:   Li Senlin
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  The city of Suzhou  Jenn Tser Town Private Development Zone of Wujiang City, No. 1111