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Cangzhou Star Garment Machinery Co. Ltd has twenty years of history, engaged in garment machinery accessories, nearly ten years of bias knitting machinery products. Now mainly hosiery machine, underwear machine products. Such as: Sheng can, Matthew grams, Fu Sheng, brothers, mountain water, Robert, Ming, international, Tahoe, Tai Hing, Luo Dakang, the Yao, Shun and other accessories waji.
The company has more than the finishing equipment, such as: CNC machining center, grinder, lathe, line cutting, etc.. Also has advanced detection tools. You can contract a batch of mechanical products processing business, the manufacturers for the production of supporting products. Company to “ on the product, refine on to customers in the spirit of honesty ” development. Welcome the community colleagues to visit us, cooperate!


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Rims series water chestnut series coil knife series spinning plate series pressure needle rod. The needle rod series of needle selecting device assembly series of needle selection piece eyebrow scissors series series series pneumatic components series fork series screw series of other series of open series needle double needle cylinder with series
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