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Tian Yue textile fiber craft factory Brand
Business Model

  Jiaxing Tian Yue textile fiber factory founded in 1999, the complete set of equipment with the production of a variety of electrostatic flocking material. Specializing in the production of nylon fiber (1.3D*0.7,1.3D*0.6,1.3D*1.2,1.5D*1.2,1.5D*0.8...) viscose fiber (1.0D*0.45,1.0D*0.6...) of various specifications

Main Products
Electrostatic flocking (total); light extinction nylon fiber; nylon fiber; viscose fiber; extinction of viscose fiber; semi dull nylon fiber;
Contact information
Contact:   Rao Hua
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Jiaxing City  China Southern Textile City 6 Building No. 20