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      Dongguan City Branch Xin Meng Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturing, R & D and sales, services in one of the air hydraulic machinery and equipment manufacturers, main products are gas punch, punch, hydraulic pressure punch, membrane switch pressing drum charter, aluminum products hydraulic system edge machine, hot pressing plastic sheet machine, PVC or leather, cloth cutting machine etc.. Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, micro motor, auto parts, computer parts and components, plastic products, bags, furniture assembly industry, forming, bending, riveting, hot pressing, printing and other processing, at the same time can be customized according to customer demand for automatic stamping equipment.
The company by virtue of years of production experience and outstanding technical staff, according to the need of customers, design and manufacture all kinds of products meet the requirements of fast and slow hydraulic press. To solve the technical problems of practical production for many customers. The company also distributes well-known brand pneumatic and hydraulic components, such as: long extension, chilic, AIRTAC, etc.. Generation of customized non-standard cylinder, cylinder pressure cylinder, the supercharger and other components, with the implementation of components and control components for the needs of all walks of life.

      control circuit professional design for clients of various automatic machines. Such as: PLC, touch screen, and the large electric control cabinet.

      with our professional technology as the foundation, develops the innovation unceasingly, to the customer as the center, to provide quality service and professional technology. Our company “ high quality, high quality service ” business philosophy, honesty, customer first to “ ” the spirit of service, is willing to make friends all over the world, seeking development and cooperation more!
Xin Meng Machinery Co., Ltd. look forward to your cooperation, create brilliant!

Main Products
Air hydraulic equipment, pneumatic presses, hydraulic presses, mechanical equipment, electric pressure punch, punch, manual punching machine, hydraulic machine, hydraulic machine, hydraulic system, drum machine, hydraulic machine, molding machine, hydraulic machine, printing machine, sponge machine, cutting machine
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Contact:   Mr. Zhan
Addr:   Guangdong Province  The city of Dongguan  Golden Phoenix Industrial Zone Fenggang town of Golden Phoenix Avenue shop No. nine