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China Hi-Tech Group Corporation Brand
Business Model
China Hi-Tech Group Corporation (referred to as

group) was established in 1998 September, China Textile machinery owned by the former State Ministry of textile industry (Group) Co. Ltd., China Textile Industrial Corporation for foreign economic and technical cooperation, China Textile machinery and technology import and Export Co., Ltd., China Chemical Fiber Corporation, China National Silk Industry Corporation, in the constant development of science and technology center six subsidiaries formed. Hengtian Group is now a wholly state-owned large enterprise group supervision of state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, registered capital of 2759000000 yuan, in textile machinery, textile and apparel trade as the main business, including R & D, manufacturing and sales of textile machinery, textile engineering system to provide the solution for the customer, design, textile and apparel production, sales of textile and garment; and textile raw materials import and export trade. At the same time, real estate, securities for the strategy of business diversification strategy, the implementation of appropriate. [1]? At present, the China Hi-Tech Group Corporation has 10 directly under the two subsidiary; above grade three wholly owned and controlled enterprises 88 homes, of which 3 for the H.A shares of listing Corporation, enterprises are distributed in more than 20 domestic provinces and cities, and overseas to nearly 20 countries and regions. By the end of 2006, with total assets of 18400000000, net assets of 6500000000, product sales revenue 15900000000 yuan, import and export scale of about $900000000. Development goals for the group: reasonable property right structure, improve corporate governance structure, scientific organization structure, capital operation ability, a sound incentive and restraint mechanisms, role of enterprise culture is significant, with the international competitiveness of the textile industry group company.

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