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Dragon Sports Goods Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Main Products
Production and sales: 1 SBR.CR.SCR Neoprene sponge sheet, a variety of finished wetsuit, diving suit. Gloves, socks. Sports protective gear. Sports protective gear, ski bag. Skating pants. 2 Lycra clothing, swimwear. Bicycle sports activities 3 kinds of water sports products, outdoor sports activities (. Surfing, diving, kayaking, skiing, fishing, hunting). Sports and medical device products. Weight loss exercise. Exercise bikes. Equestrian sports activities. 4 gifts: electronic product packaging bag (camera bag. Mobile phone bag, computer bag, arm sleeve). Red wine bottle cover, the cup cover.
Contact information
Contact:   Luo Guihua
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Dongguan City  Liaobu Zhen Fu Shan Cun, Jinhua street, 3 Lane 3