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The the Great Wall in Shenzhen City Huanyu Freight Logistics Company Limited Brand
Business Model
The the Great Wall in Shenzhen City Huanyu freight logistics limited company by the Shenzhen City Department of transportation, industrial and commercial bureau of logistics enterprise. After years of development, has now become a modern professional logistics companies of a certain size, operating a wide range, undertake national each big city highway, railway vehicle LTL freight, three ultra mechanical transportation, and specialized in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong across the country road, rail and air short haul cargo vehicle, Lingdan transport to and from the joint business and plant relocation, hoisting, shift, equipment products play wood packaging, crane forklift rental business. And learn advanced scientific management idea to launch the logistics services, to provide domestic goods real tracking, query information service for the customer. The Great Wall universal logistics companies in the traditional field of transportation and third party logistics in China with the synchronous development, the development of logistics market oriented. After several years of unremitting efforts, the company is equipped with a large parking lot, have 1.5-30 tons of various types of truck and flat car, 5-80 tons of large crane, 1.5-6 ton forklift, office space over 300 square meters, 2000 square meters of logistics base, the logistics company of more than 3000 square meters of storage area, the company has operating vehicle more than 100 Taiwan, the truck were with automatic lifting plate. The affiliated vehicles more than ten Taiwan, greatly improving the speed of delivery, delivery capacity, efficiency and transport, ensure that your cargo safe, fast, to reach the destination on time, completely solve your any menace from the "rear", reducing the cost of your. The the Great Wall of modern logistics can really understand customer needs, with the strategic vision will be the development of the enterprise core business frames in a full range of logistics services. To maintain good relations of cooperation the Great Wall universal freight logistics company with each big aviation, highway, railway and the procedure of supplier and supplier, signed the agreement, at the same time, 2002 has been opened in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Jiaxing, Pinghu, Haining, Tongxiang line, types of ad hoc carrier ultra wide overweight mechanical and from the country, daily departure, ensure the quality, the price is very favorable and has priority, all car companies have cargo insurance, comprehensive insurance goods otherwise and company.
Main Products
Shenzhen to all parts of the country's freight business, highway motor vehicle LTL, railway, express parcel, tons of cabinet, air dispatch, transportation and long-distance move, the office, the goods packed in wooden cases, plant relocation machinery, lifting shift
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Wang
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Shenzhen City  Luohu District Bao Gang Bei Lu the Great Wall freight forwarding market