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Guangzhou Nocardia Intelligent System Technology Co. Ltd. business unit Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou Nocardia Intelligent System Technology Co. Ltd. is a set design, sales, installation, production in one large-scale automatic door and intelligent access control engineering company in Guangzhou region and Southern China area peers in a sound reputation, the early 90's by Norton electrician to 2006 officially changed its name to Connaught card intelligent system technology, into a comprehensive system of the field automatic door, intelligent access control, control, achieved preliminary results in 2007, providing door access control system and smart card system engineering for large state-owned enterprises and banks, multi from users, and established the company leadership position in the industry! The company by the Guangzhou headquarters, Shenzhen hardware fittings factory, Nanhai Pingzhou Distribution Department, five departments: headquarters under the jurisdiction of the Department of design (Design), marketing (Sale) and the Ministry of personnel (Personnel), engineering (Engineer), the Ministry of Finance (Finance). Each department, each employee at all times to provide a new concept of the highest quality service for each customer, depending on the user requirements as their responsibility, the new concept of international construction equipment, automatic door of advanced technology, the production process to the user, create a new era of gated technology service! Looking to the future, we will face challenges in a new way the cross time, and high-quality products, sincere service, reasonable price for the sustainable development of the company's business philosophy! With many new and old customers hand in hand towards a win-win (WinWin)!
Main Products
Automatic doors, access control systems, monitoring system,
Contact information
Contact:   Deng Xingrun
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Shenzhen City  Haizhuqu District Industrial Avenue North 1, Yifeng building room 609