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 Beijing Ya Sant Garment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Beijing Ya Sant Garment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. It is a professional clothing enterprise mainly based on the production of middle and high class suits, group business uniforms, enterprise uniforms, star hotels and industrial and mining enterprises. We are backed by advanced design team and reliable professional technology, strict standard management and good corporate reputation as a guarantee; we have a place in the fierce market competition, win the trust of our customers, and establish long-term business cooperation with many companies. The cooperation is as follows: BeiJing Capital Airport escort, Qingdao airport escort wear, Beijing Ministry of public security training service, Beijing huigqiao Hotel, Hongkong Hengfeng Jinwei Jewelry Co., Ltd. (Beijing east suburb jewelry factory), Linda Building, Residence Internazionale, Southeast automobile, Huicong net, Beijing long Logistics Development Co., Ltd., Beijing care growth Culture Development Co., Ltd., Beijing union Interactive Advertising Co., Ltd., etc. We strive to improve ourselves and adopt professional talents, specialized organizations, specialized design and specialized production to ensure quality and accomplish tasks in time. The company's main business includes Beijing suits, business uniforms, work clothes, down garments, cotton clothes, jackets, jackets, raincoats, antistatic work clothes, and elegant stront manufacturers. They have many kinds of professional machines, which are tested step by step and step by step. When we do the after-sale service, we will deal with the quality problems in time. We aim to serve the customers first.
Main Products
Beijing suits, Beijing work clothes, Beijing down garments, Beijing raincoats, Beijing jackets, white coats, nurses' clothes, shirts, jackets, vest and vest.
Contact information
Contact:   Hong boat Xi
Addr:   Guangdong Province   Guangzhou City   1 Town Industrial Park, Nan Xiao street, Daxing District