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Beijing Rongyi SHUNFA garment factory Brand
Business Model
Beijing Rongyi SHUNFA garment factory is a production, sales, production for the integrated enterprise type clothing manufacturers, large workshop and workshop 100 employees and exquisite technology. The main products are the processing and production of sweaters, hoodies, cultural shirt, T-shirt, cotton padded clothes, work clothes, uniforms, casual wear, uniforms, school uniforms, clothing, clothing, Dr. Master degree of service cap, various kinds of clothing such as dr.. Beijing Rongyi SHUNFA garment processing factory is located in the Chinese capital - Beijing East Ring Road Shi Ge Zhuang bridge adjacent to the airport highway second.
Main Products
Garment processing, production, sales
Contact information
Contact:   Ma Junfeng
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Ge Zhuang Cun Ping Fang Xiang Shi Dong Chaoyang District