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Beijing Zhongya days garment factory Brand
Business Model
Beijing Zhongya days garment factory originated in 1998, first in the processing mainly clothing, officially registered in 2007. Is the production of high-end suits, group, occupation installed corporate uniforms, Stars Hotel and industrial and mining enterprises overalls professional garment enterprises based. To provide work clothes, overalls uniforms, work clothes design, Beijing overalls, occupation, T-Shirts, cultural shirts, advertising shirts uniforms, down jacket, cotton padded, high profile, high down, processing clothing, T-Shirts, shirts, suits, jackets, sportswear, promotional clothing, security service, making clothing, shirt, vest, occupation, the waiter service, team clothing, radiation-proof clothes, anti-static clothing, garment factory...
Main Products
The work custom processing clothing, cotton jacket, shirt, suit, shirt, promotional clothing, the clerk of clothing
Contact information
Contact:   Bao Wenshu
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Daxing District Daxing District Jiugong Xuanyi home C1 building 6 unit 1201