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Business Model
Fu filter as filter factory is a high-tech industry professionals engaged in gas, fluid precision filtration equipment manufacturing business. The production of filter, dust filter cylinder, hydraulic oil filter, purification equipment types nearly a thousand kinds of products, widely used in iron and steel making oxygen, petrochemical, gas power generation, fertilizer nitrogen, powder coating, air separation equipment, clean room, air compressor station, fan dust, food and beverage, such as all types of machinery and equipment of the air purification system, hydraulic and lubricating system, dust removal system. Businesses each year a large capital investment, the introduction of advanced production lines and improve the processing equipment, a variety of raw materials are mainly composed of foreign well-known filter suppliers adopt international advanced filter manufacturing technology, superb technology, advanced equipment, perfect testing means and modern management system to meet the needs of users of various filters, each one of our products are in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality system standard, filter to provide the best quality for the client running mechanical cleaning. Companies pay attention to personnel and technical transformation investment, has been the development of the air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, hydraulic oil filter, oil and gas separation filter, oil-water separation filter, precision filter, E.D.M. wire cut filter, spraying recovery, environmental purification filter and other types of products, 2000 kinds of different specifications of series filter. It is widely applied in: the import of diesel generator sets, excavators and other engineering machines, wire cutting machine, air compressor, forklift trucks, cars and other equipment engine maintenance and spraying powder recovery system, environmental purification system industry. A large number of spot supply, and can be customized for various special-shaped filter. The integrity of the real into the enterprise business philosophy, adhere to the "treat people with sincerity, to the letter from people, service people, quality win" to the volume of business purposes, is willing to become friends of mutual trust with all customers, welcome friends from all walks of life, the customer to the factory, all kinds of custom filter, filter, filter, filter, filter oil filter etc.!
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Contact:   Wang Lei
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  The forest city Guan County Industrial Park of Guan County