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Beijing good brothers moving company is a professional moving service center, consists of several segments. The existing various types of moved a car more than 30, and have a number of high-quality, be trained with regularity of the move field service staff, based on our residents, enterprises and institutions Trackbacks, established the city industrial big move, small transport and other transport system, to meet different customer needs. We undertake the residents, enterprises, commercial buildings, factory relocation. Provide industrial move field, commercial logistics, small transport, equipment lifting shift, and packing carton, rental, disassembly of furniture, air conditioning and other supporting services for customers. Beijing good brothers moving company has a group of young, professional staff, have to undergo a rigorous professional training, master packaging, removing items skills. "Not for most vehicles, but for the best service" is our service concept, "customer first, service first" is our commitment to society. Beijing good brothers moving company based on years of service experience, improve the efficiency of the excellent service team, perfect service network and powerful partner, has become the industry's leading professional moving service providers, to provide a quality service to customers at home and abroad, and win the trust of the majority of users and praise. Tel: 010-64311993010-64363695
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Contact:   Wang Yeqiang
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Chaoyang District Chaoyang