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Shanghai Hua Yan cosmetics group Brand
Business Model
Shanghai Hua Yan cosmetics group company is a manufacturer of professional line of cosmetics enterprise group. Its two well-known cosmetics brand "Cady Lina" professional line of cosmetics, "Beishibodi" essential oil series. The flower color cosmetics group strictly according to the quality of life, the credit as the basic principle, the maximum to meet customer demand, diligent and pragmatic, to emphasize moral character and occupation moral, from product sales to the tracking service this process, patience, meticulous, constantly perfect self value, and ultimately to the quality and integrity of the pursuit of the public export brand and reputation, and create a permanent career, entrepreneurial culture is the soul of enterprise development. The development of the beauty industry is accompanied by human spiritual civilization and development of modern biological technique, with the results in the beauty industry the pace of development, the company in order to perfect the system so that enterprises become the platform for the development of high-tech, high speed, high quality, high benefit. We combine the world range, multi-level, networked, intelligent, modern management system and further build corporate image; the realization of the goal of global strategy. Let every ladies can have a "Cady Lina", "Beishibodi", but the company for each friends. As always, sincere; equality, mutual benefit, win-win. As long as you have Cady Lina, wealth and health go hand in hand, with your wisdom and us to create a better tomorrow.
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Contact:   Liu Xia
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Baoshan District Shanghai too road 3888 Lane 34