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Shenzhen city Hongyu Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shenzhen city Hongyu Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd was founded in 2001, is a special industrial lubricants service as the core business, agent Shell (SHell), (Mobil) Mobil. Caltex (CALTEX), Esso (Esso) and other industrial lubricants and marine lubricants, oil sales are widely used in automobile, automobile manufacturing, machinery, metallurgy, mining, iron and steel, engineering, agriculture, elevator, petrochemical industry, business covers the main area of the Chinese. In China, each major and medium city are equipped with distributors, has nearly 3000 square meters of storage facilities and a professional technical and sales team in the local Shenzhen. To provide lubrication technology consulting 24 hours and attentive customer service for the country at all levels of customer service.
Main Products
Sales agent of various brands of lubricating oil
Contact information
Contact:   Jiang Wei
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Shenzhen City  Baoan District Longhua Sea industrial zone 5