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Dongguan Chuangke plastic raw material Co. Ltd. is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Zhangmutou town plastic raw material market, the geographical position is superior, is a professional sales engineering plastic materials since 2001 August to set up, the spirit of "good faith as the fundamental, take the quality as the foundation, in order to speed for efficiency" business approach to meet the needs of our customers, using the high and new technology to detection and analysis of plastic raw materials market rules, the establishment of the market supply of a complete system, to provide the best service and high quality products for you. Engineering plastic raw material: PC, PC/ABS, PPO, PPE, POM, PA6, PA66, PA46, PBT, PET, ASA, AES, CA etc.. Special engineering plastic raw materials: PPS, LCP, PEI, PEK, PPA, PI, PSF, PES etc.. Modified engineering plastics with glass fiber, carbon fiber, including: talcum powder, mineral, mineral fiber, flame retardant modification; toughening and cold resistant, anti ultraviolet radiation, antistatic, conductive and other modified engineering plastic materials. Thermoplastic elastomer: PVC, TPU, K glue, EVA, POE; TPR, TPE, SBS, SEBS, TPEE, TPV, TPO etc. Dongguan Chuangke plastic raw material Co., Ltd. will continue to develop new markets, and services, uphold customer first, quality first, to excellence in business philosophy go hand in hand with you to create brilliant!
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Contact:   Xiao Qinghua
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Shenzhen City  Dongguan City Zhangmutou plastic market 2 2 3