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Fuzhou's everlasting wedding dress institution was founded in 1999. It is the pioneer of high-end wedding dress industry in Fuzhou. It has been leading for many years and constantly surpassing, holding the "best practice experience to do", with the respect of the world's new people, with the brand details as the most important, providing intimate service for each new couple. After 10 years of market discipline and self growth, Fuzhou's everlasting wedding photography agency has developed into the well deserved leader of the Fuzhou commercial photography industry. In the long run of technological quality, we constantly pursue "innovation", "change", "seek development" and "surpass". We have always pursued "perfection, surpassing the peak" and really put it into continuous innovation and service details. In the everlasting enterprise culture, the sense of belonging of employees is first cultivated. "Desalting management and strengthening quality" is the everlasting management concept, giving full play to the independent initiative of every employee, so that enterprises can get broader development ideas and stronger development power. The everlasting employees will be happy to introduce themselves to others: I am a man of heaven! The unique castle of Xiasha, Shoushan waterfall, forest wild interest filming, country customs, bring the avant-garde art styles and techniques to our filming, really grasp the fashion and bring fashion to customers. It is the basic requirement of the Tian Long people's self to bring good works that can be truly unforgettable to customers. Tian Long people most care about customer evaluation and word of mouth. It has been awarded the "national top ten photo studio Award" issued by the State Bureau of internal trade. It was selected by the Chinese Consumers Association as the ten outstanding photo studio in 2003. It was selected by the Chinese portrait photography society as the "national photography shop" and "the top 100 national photography enterprises". In 2004, it was selected by the China business credit center as "China's commercial credit enterprises, credit class a" and many other awards. In 2006, it was selected by the Chinese portrait photography society as the ten outstanding photo studio in China.   。 This is the wedding photography brand that China takes the lead in grouping management. She made wedding photography perfect with the "E era" digital high technology, leading the new trend of digital photography in wedding dress industry. Choose to live forever, and let the happiness of your life be recorded forever. Love will last forever and make you a lifelong friend.
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Contact:   Zheng Yu Xia
Addr:   Guangdong Province   Guangzhou City   Yang Qiao East Road, Fuzhou, Fuzhou