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Zhongshan Elida Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Zhongshan Elida Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is Elida packaging Audio Supplies Company Limited affiliated enterprises under the Taiwan leader in accordance with International Group Holdings Limited, relying on the "brand leader in packaging ELIDA" powerful, complete packaging machinery types; to the quality of survival, to suit to the development of. And with the grand scale, strong technical force, complete varieties, specialization of services, known as "the world packaging world" title. With more than a dozen Exhibition Hall / representative offices in the Pearl River Delta, guangdong. Take the lead in the industry through the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification. Products: automatic packaging system, automatic packaging line, roller conveyor, belt assembly line, automatic liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, bottle cap locking machine, bottle cap sealing machine, tin cans and capping machine, sealing machine, bar code printers, barcode scanners, bar code scanners, barcode scanner, barcode detector, barcode ribbon, label machine, heat shrink packaging machine, shrink machine, automatic winding machine, stretch film wrapping machine, automatic sealing machine, pneumatic nail box machine, carton box machine, automatic packing machine, charging PET with charter flights, portable steel strapping machine, battery PET strapping machine, buckle free steel strapping machine, pneumatic strip packing machine, bank money binding machine, packaging machine, labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, air cushion packaging machine, electric machine, automatic printing machine, metal marking machine, laser marking machine, ceramic color laser engraving machine, vacuum machine, vacuum packing seal machine, vacuum packaging machine, plastic sealing machine, automatic sewing machine, electric sealing machine, sheet folding machine, automatic folding machine, hot melt adhesive machine, blister packing machine, blister packing sealing Machine, sealing machine hose, electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine, automatic packing machine, electronic scale, electronic platform scale, electronic scale, spring balancer, hanging hook, balance crane hook, spring, spring balance hanger, vacuum suction hanging conveyer, protective film laminating machine, container bundling belt tightener, polyester woven binding belt, polyester woven tied with special packing buckle, polyester fiber bundle belt, flexible packing tape, fiber packing tape, polyester packing belt, flexible strapping tape, tied with flexible packing tape, polyester fiber packing tape, printing sealing glue, hot melt adhesive, heat shrinkable film, vacuum bag, vacuum bag, body film, skin packaging film, stretch film, heating pipe, heating wire cloth, high temperature, high temperature adhesive tape, high temperature lubricating release agent, high temperature lubricating release agent, high temperature lubricant, container air bag, packaging materials, PET plastic steel belt, PP packing tape, packing tape, plastic packing tape, tape, packaging belt, galvanized belt, nylon strapping tape, tape, plastic tape, inkjet printer ink, ink coding machine, cleaning agent, inkjet printer ink diluent, play yards ribbon, Ribbon, baling wire buckle buckle, steel, iron, target word buckle.
Main Products
Production and sales of various packaging machinery: automatic packing machine, winding machine, printing machine, sealing machine, automatic assembly line, shrinking machines, vacuum machine, folding machine, labeling machine, marking machine, conveyor, sealing machine, bottles, cans sealing machine, industrial carton paper shredder, heat shrink packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine
Contact information
Contact:   Li Zhongrong
Addr:   Guangdong Province  The city of Shenzhen  Guangdong Province Zhongshan City Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, 105 State Road, Yumin Road ( Elida packaging machinery company)