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Hangzhou golden SEIREN Rubber Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Hangzhou golden SEIREN rubber Limited production and sales all kinds of plastic products, sales of products are: all kinds of PVC Extrusion board: PVC soft board and PVC board, PP board, ABS board, PE board, PS plate, sheet, acrylic (plexiglass) board, epoxy board, insulation board, tube fan valves, etc., all kinds of welding rod, bar etc.. In order to meet customer demand, our company also provides a variety of plastic products processing business, to undertake various size type chemical equipment and container products, really cheap, in the industry, is always maintained a good reputation and word-of-mouth, products by our customers love and trust. Products widely used in domestic large scale chemical supporting projects, sewage treatment works, municipal engineering, oil refining, metallurgy, fertilizer, paper, coal mine, metallurgy metal, clothing, medicine and other industries. Product best-selling domestic market area. Welcome friends from all circles to visit and give guidance, visit and business negotiation. Recommend: the new reinforced plastic building templates, S templates, bridge the curved shape of highway construction formwork, culvert U form. This product is of high efficiency and energy saving, green environmental protection, easy construction, can be repeatedly used up to 100 times, and can be recycled, reducing the cost for you to save. Is a new product of modern ideal, won the national key projects recommended brand.
Main Products
Plastic board, PVC board, PP board, PE board, PS board, epoxy insulation board, organic glass plate, plastic processing, to undertake a variety of chemical equipment and various ancillary pipe valves, electrode etc..
Contact information
Contact:   Hua Qingsong
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Hangzhou Xiaoshan Station Commercial Plaza 5 No. 4-5