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 Changzhou huangjie engine room equipment Co., Ltd. (Beijing branch) Brand
Business Model
Jiangsu Changzhou huangjie engine room equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern company specializing in manufacturing, processing, customizing and serving modern antistatic flooring and office furniture. The company is mainly engaged in 3 anti-static floor, 3.5 anti-static floor, 4 Ceramic anti-static floor, ceramic floor, cement floor, OA intelligent network floor, 500*500OA network floor, 600*600OA network floor, network trench floor, anti-static floor, micro anti-static floor, ventilation and anti-static floor, composite anti-static floor, composite overhead floor, calcium sulfate antistatic floor, calcium silicate anti-static floor, PVC all steel floor, carpet stripe anti static floor, PVC straight floor, computer desk and chair, screen partition. It is a professional one-stop service for customers. Huang Jie furniture flooring factory has been established in the field of antistatic flooring in the field of professional, focused and active development. It keeps up with the trend of the times and sticks to the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development. Huang Jie is willing to create a better future with you. It is based on honesty and quality. Company website
Main Products
Machine room floor, office furniture, lamps and lanterns, mechanical parts manufacturing, processing, self supporting and acting all kinds of commodities and technology import and export business.
Contact information
Contact:   Zhu Xiaoping
Addr:   Guangdong Province   Guangzhou City   No. 82 Qinglong Qiao West Street, Haidian District, Beijing, Haidian District