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Beijing hechuang Wantong Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Beijing hechuang Wantong Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in industrial automation product development, production, sales and system integration of high-tech enterprises, the company since its inception, has been the spirit of "all for the sake of customers, to meet customer demand for the purpose of application, actively introduce and promote advanced foreign brand in every field of our country. The company mainly engaged in industrial automation product sales, automation system design and manufacturing, construction and maintenance, independent product development and production, implementation technology, industry and trade integration, provide the solution for the user. Company main products: PLC, S7-1200, S7-200 Siemens products S7-300, S7-400; MM420, MM430 Siemens standard transmission products, MM440, Siemens engineering frequency converter and frequency conversion cabinet 6SE70, 6SE71, G150, G120, G130, S120; fan, water pump special frequency conversion cabinet V50; DC speed regulator and control cabinet, 6RM70, 6RA70 6RA28 Siemens industrial products. The company mainly to undertake the project: control system of Steel coking plant; control system; power plant auxiliary equipment control system; control system of belt conveyor; water pump energy-saving control system for fan; energy saving control system of central air-conditioning; electrical cabinet design, production, installation, debug; industrial automation engineering design, development, manufacturing, supply of complete sets of equipment. In order to better meet customer requirements, the company has a group of experienced, high level of technical engineer, system engineer, while also providing advisory latest automation technology for industrial users, design units, engineering, technical support services, and can provide high price, high stability, high reliability solutions and assist in the implementation of. Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, in the "pursuit of the best service, strive for the biggest market, won the best credibility" purposes under the guidance of, and continuously improve the technical level, in line with the common technical scheme of continuous optimization, Beijing hechuang Wantong technology limited company is committed to customer, employee and three party manufacturers and establish mutually beneficial and the robust growth of the community of life, and jointly create a national brand, create a market, in good faith, practical, innovative and forward-looking management attitude, the pursuit of excellence, creating value. With the continuous learning, continuous improvement, the company expanded market, and sustainable management!
Main Products
Integrated Siemens Siemens inverter, PLC, automation project, system, electrical switchgear
Contact information
Contact:   Zhu Mingliang
Addr:   Guangdong Province  The city of Guangzhou  Shijingshan District south of the ancient city of Shijingshan District in 142.