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Chengdu Inge explosion-proof electrical appliance Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Chengdu Inge Explosion-proof Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a production and sales of explosion-proof electrical equipment for the integrated enterprise, our company products sold in major oil and chemical industry, medicine, military, aerospace, natural gas and other important engineering. Since its inception, has been the vast number of old and new customers. Both in terms of quality, we are also pursuing high performance standards, the price also to profit to customers, with its development, common progress! Also hope that more users can use our products in various fields, and put forward valuable suggestions for our. At the same time, we are constantly innovation, more in, hoping to promote more better products return customers. The company's products and reliable quality, advanced performance, reasonable price, prompt delivery strictly abide by contract, keep good reputation. Since its inception, the spirit to win with quality, price to excellent, service for the purpose of faith, to obtain the trust of new and old customers and support, is the one in the same industry has played a "leader" of the title of the enterprise. Its products are mainly divided into several series: Series explosion-proof 1, factory: explosion proof lamp, explosion-proof switch, explosion proof pipe, explosion-proof operation column type, explosion-proof button class, explosion-proof plug type, explosion-proof instrument type, explosion-proof distribution box type explosion-proof explosion-proof etc. and other accessories and many other series and specifications. 2, mine explosion-proof series: Flameproof RBI, flameproof type bus box, flameproof latch switch, flameproof high-voltage vacuum distribution equipment, explosion-proof electromagnetic starter, flameproof vacuum feed switch mine explosion-proof products. 3, the explosion-proof motor system: various types of explosion-proof motor system products. 4, explosion-proof explosion-proof broadcasting telephone communication system: and amplifying adapter, explosion-proof transfer boxes, radio telephone, program-controlled telephone adapter, explosion-proof explosion-proof communication products such as impedance equalizer. 5, explosion-proof tool system: explosion-proof wrench series, hammer series, explosion-proof knife, shovel, crowbar, explosion-proof screwdriver, pliers series, series of explosion-proof explosion-proof sleeve and accessories series explosion-proof tools products. 6, combustible gas alarm: there are various Ke ran gas alarm clock.
Main Products
Explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof electrical equipment, explosion-proof switch fittings, explosion proof, explosion-proof telephone
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Contact:   Li Yi
Addr:   Sichuan Province  Chengdu City  Chengdu City Traffic Road No. 222 long electrical city 6 building 5A