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Business Model
Yunnan company, since its establishment in 2000 until now, the company agents of various documents and certificates of national seal: 1 full-time diploma, foreign diploma. The self-study exam, adult education, (including college, undergraduate, graduate, master, doctor) graduates archives, English four, six, eight levels of certificates, IELTS, computer grade, a foreign language examination. 2 the project manager certificate, accounting, accountants, engineers, teachers qualification certificate, the doctor qualification certificate, the nurse certificate etc.. 3, identity cards, account of this, ID card, passport, Hongkong divorce certificate, marriage certificate. In 4, local license plates, driving permits, driver's license, vehicle registration certificate, proof of tax payment, the annual inspection, tax payment, certificate, 5, all of the housing, housing He Xiang, the use of state-owned land, land of his warrant, the business license. Seal type: company seal, financial chapter, personal seal, stamp, atomic chapter. Plastic chapter photosensitive chapter. Horn chapter and so on, and can according to the customer request printing plate. Our tenet is "sincerity first, He Weigui, the feeling is heavy" we hope in the honest and enthusiastic service and the majority of companies and individuals to establish the true feelings and friendship. We warmly welcome you into this piece of gold of hot spot, we sincerely for the successful dedicated one of the keys to the success. To help you succeed! Welcome to call us! The phone: Yunnan contact person: Li Wancai
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Graduation certificate, qualification certificate, official seal, seal, atomic seal
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Contact:   Li Wancai
Addr:   Fujian Province  Fuzhou City  Yunnan city in Kunming Province