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Chengdu beauty Jinshan Landscape Engineering Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Chengdu beauty Jinshan Landscape Engineering Co. Ltd is a production of R & D, design and construction as one of professional landscape company. Founded in 1998, more than ten years, we have accumulated a wealth of design, construction experience. We take the landscape design oriented, committed to research and development of sky gardens, balconies, indoor landscape art, and supporting a full range of. We emphasize the artistic reproduction of the nature of the mountain, with a unique art design and strict construction management for customers with high-quality garden landscape dream. The beauty of golden hill landscape Engineering Co. Ltd has excellent designer team and rigorous style of work construction and technical personnel, the construction quality of comprehensive quality management and perfect, make "beautiful landscape" brand in the industry leading. High quality garden from the excellent creative design and strict construction quality management, as well as the enterprise overall strength. Nursery stock base scenery Jinshan Landscape Engineering Co. Ltd has an area of 35 acres, plant trees stylist and professional and technical personnel, mainly cultivated for good plant the garden in the air and a perfect reproduction of the ecological environment, to meet the requirements of high quality garden construction. Outdoor garden anticorrosive wood production beauty Jinshan Landscape Engineering Co. Ltd. under the wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu golden hill garden products professional factory, with anti-corrosion, waterproof, mothproof function, widely used in residential environment, private garden patio furniture, the path along the cliff, the water platform. Its excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion performance and beautiful natural texture to obtain the user's consistent high praise. Especially the successful launch of the integrated garden in 2009, the garden landscape quality a step. Nearly a hundred kinds of products to meet customer demand for high-quality garden garden to higher prices for better quality. Simulation of GRC artificial rockery, rock and simulation trees independent development and production of beauty Jinshan Landscape Engineering Co. Ltd., is on the roof, balcony and indoor to create the beauty of nature has created conditions. Simulation of rock series of products to create a number of examples of classical garden. The beauty of golden hill landscape Engineering Co. Ltd is willing to bring the "beautiful landscape" this brand, to achieve customer garden dream and sincere service for you.
Main Products
Roof garden, villa landscape, landscape, artificial stone, private garden
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Contact:   Miss Deng
Addr:   Sichuan Province  Chengdu City  Chengdu City, Sichuan Province Jinjiang District Wangfujing mall C building 15 floor C1