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Shanghai Chang Industrial Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanghai Chang Industrial Co. Ltd. for the EHS field of well-known brand "Mais" (MYEHS) China's only strategic partner, China headquarters in Shanghai, business covers production and sales of EHS products and EHS consulting and other services. Company mission: to improve the safety consciousness, truly "I want security", "I will be safe"! Let the world is not difficult to buy EHS products! The revitalization and development, industrial labor protection supplies need state, the community's concern and support, need more enterprise and employee's safety awareness. "Mais" has been committed to strengthening the basic knowledge of labor protection articles, publicity, establish self-protection awareness of the workers, change "to me" to "I want security", "I'll be safe", make the safety production in China's development in a good environment. "Mais" business philosophy: the enterprise to survive and development, we must follow the international practice organized labor protection supplies production, operation and sales. "Mais" the implementation of the progress of science and technology strategy, strengthen the technology development, improve product quality, variety and continuously meet the needs of the market. To ensure the safety performance at the same time, the product of "safety, comfort, beauty, light" is "Mais" unremitting pursuit. Why choose "Mais"? Famous brand, rest assured; professional EHS team, intentions services; convenient and efficient, a phone call thousands of selected products from EHS to the home advantage of scale, reduce procurement costs.
Main Products
EHS product, EHS product sales, EHS consulting and other services.
Contact information
Contact:   Li Shundao
Addr:   Guangdong Province  The city of Guangzhou  Putuo District Zhongshan North Road B oasis Plaza, No. 3064 building 15