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brand origin SINICA (— — our nicardipine) from Italy fashion brand! Brand meaning SINICA— — Latin Sinica represents “ the &rdquo, China; meaning, implication SINICA (Si Nica) root, service the dream career. Brand briefly SINICA (Si Nica) is a set design, manufacture, marketing, brand in one of the OBM fashion enterprise, dedicated to providing the fashion products and service of high taste, through the integration of resources: the height of Italy style fashion products combined with the advanced business model, products and services to provide fashion high taste for customers. SINICA (Si Nica) is Italy designer leading fashion brand. The adoption of Milan fashion show, the most fashionable elements and historical classical combined, create “ appearance beautiful, elegant, content depth ” fashion products. SINICA (Si Nica) with “ from the professional to the excellence of ” management idea, and strive to improve the management mechanism, to ensure product quality, meet customer needs, enhance competition ability. Actively absorbed from the large number of professionals at home and abroad, with the help of ERP system, specialized product design system, ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, Rohs environmental protection system and other management tools, the SINICA ( Nicardipine) our products and services more efficient, high-quality, environmental protection, SINICA (Si Nica) staff to actively dedication and sense of mission, to innovation, continuous improvement, to strive for a career in fashion! Go, SINICA (Si Nica)! Brand contact SINICA (Si Nica) fashion join hotline: 86-0755-82128482

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Contact:   Department of Thessaloniki
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