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this year the company professional wholesale special large end of a single foreign trade the whole package, the whole paragraph miscellaneous, 09 years to 200000 men and women in all kinds of brand new long sleeved T-shirt, sweater, silk long sleeved, short sleeved spring, jeans, Childrenwear, vest, shoes dragged, men and women sport suit, leisure, all kinds of girls wear, cotton, knitting, silk fabric... The price 4 yuan, the whole package of non defective, a packet of batch, the consignor, suitable for wholesalers, shop, dumped goods. Over the holidays. A year the four seasons clothing category update speed, all we do is of good quality, we sincerely hope that every customer in the company can choose to suit their own goods, you go to sell to make money, also become our repeat customers, happy to do business, make friends all over the world friends, this is our aim. Headquarters address: South Sanhuan Muxiyuan Qiaodong 30 meters South Xi Everbright Technology Plaza B block, room 703. Headquarters phone: 010-87874288 website:

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Contact:   Zhang Lidong
Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  Muxiyuan Qiaodong side Xi South Everbright Technology Plaza B block, room 703