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Fujian sishulang sports development under the limited company is Hongkong sishulang enterprise organization flag members. In 1989 to enter the mainland, Hongkong is mainly responsible for the famous sports and leisure brands " to " in the domestic market promotion. At present, the company in Hongkong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Fujian four places with R & D center, eight matching complete, advanced equipment and production plant, a comprehensive introduction of the Japanese advanced production equipment, using the Japanese modern management mode, the comprehensive application of CIS strategic project, the implementation of the ISO9001:2000 version of the international quality system certification.
the following personnel must have a good occupation morality, positive work attitude, team work spirit, good communication skills, work location: Fujian lions (or assignment)
Si Shulang will provide space for personal development and good training opportunity for you, make you in the modernized management and challenging work environment progress and self realization
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Addr:   Fujian  Shishi  Shishi Peng Tian Industrial Zone to Industrial Park