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 Fir precision machinery enterprise Brand
Business Model
Taiwan Shan mining machinery company, since its establishment for many years, has been committed to the development and production of microcomputer cutting machines, gluing buckles, fillet cutting machines, multi angle breaking machines, microcomputer slicer, microcomputer punching machine and so on. Product sales throughout the country.   
Products are widely used in shielding materials, adhesive materials, insulating materials, conductive materials, battery manufacturing and other electronic materials processing. Textile industry, handbag industry, garment accessories industry, luggage industry, shoes and hat industry, plastic industry, all kinds of rope, belt, roll material and so on.
The main products are microcomputer cutting machine, electronic belt cutting machine (with heating), angle breaking machine, gluing tape round cutting machine, ribbed cuff cutting machine, microcomputer slicing machine, computer cutting machine, vertical and horizontal cutting machine, FFC cutter, photoelectric positioning cutter, microcomputer high-speed punching machine, feeding / receiving machine and so on. Suitable for material cutting, safety belt, zipper, elastic band, buckle belt, rib cuff, plastic skin and so on. Pneumatic cutting, angle cutting and so on are improved according to customer requirements. Insulation paper, bushing, FFC, cable, copper, aluminum foil tape, double-sided tape, conductive cloth, conductive foam, silica gel sheet, Mylar, battery separator, lithium battery material, and so on, electronic material slice, half broken, multi knife half broken, all knife cut, punching, fitting, automatic feeding and receiving.
Main Products
Microcomputer belt cutting machine, adhesive tape round cutting machine, multi angle belt breaking machine, ribbed cuff cutting machine, microcomputer slicing machine, microcomputer cutting machine, casing cutting machine, FFC line cutting machine, half cutting machine, shearing machine, automatic feeding machine, etc.
Contact information
Contact:   Wang Sheng
Addr:   Jiangsu Province   Suzhou City   Guo Xiang, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu