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Shantou Light Industry Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. was founded in 1957 (the company formerly known as Shantou Light Industry Machinery Factory, Shantou Light Industry Machinery (Group) Corporation), so far, through the struggle of more than 40 years. The first in the nation to manufacturing sealing machine, and become the Ministry of light industry machinery professional canned directly under the manufacturing plant in 1966. The 80's launch of automatic resistance welding can production line, is the tank machine industry has the longest history, the largest impact, the grade of product technology the most high, the most complete product specifications of the enterprise. Shantou Light Industry Machinery Factory Co. Ltd. is the manufacture of canned food machinery for the industrial base, to the development of science and technology as the backing, industry and trade integration in the enterprise group. The current enterprise to reform as an opportunity, adjust the internal structure, the reorganization of assets. At present, has been with the overseas well-known enterprise Taiwan Xinyi Machinery Factory Hongkong Limited by Share Ltd, the Chinese Enterprise Co. Ltd, Thailand Xinyi Machinery Industry Limited by Share Ltd joint venture. The company has four branch of a joint venture, the main three backbone units bear the main three series of products: resistance welding equipment, cans cans empty tank equipment, sterilization equipment, manufacture and after sale service. A, Shantou Xinyi Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. Shantou Xinyi Machinery Factory Limited company by the Shantou Light Industry Machinery Factory Co., Ltd and Taiwan Xinyi Machinery Factory of Limited by Share Ltd, Hongkong Chinese Enterprises Limited three party to the joint venture set up in December 27, 1999 in the Chinese foreign joint venture enterprise, specializing in the production of canned air, canning equipment. Taiwan Xinyi is Asia's largest canning machinery and food machinery manufacturers, the products obtained ISO9001 international certification, is famous for its high-quality products, Shantou Xinyi by Taiwan Xinyi technical drawings and manufacturing all kinds of canned air, canning equipment, by the benefits of the new Taiwan is responsible for technology and manufacturing management, to ensure the provision of equipment quality accords with the benefits of the new standards, to provide a full range of technical services for the customers at home and abroad. Two, resistance welding machine factory In eighty years the introduction of the Japanese company NPW technology, specializing in the production of resistance welding machine series products supporting equipment. At present electric resistance welded cans production line series products adopt international standards, won the national quality silver, the products reach the international advanced level. Since 1987, by the State Economic and Trade Commission recognized as "replace imported products", and constantly introduce new generation, in 1995 by the state identified as "national new product", similar products in the domestic market share of the first in the. At present, there are series semi-automatic and full-automatic series (80 cans / division, 150 tank / division, 220 tank / minute, 350 cans / division, 500 tank / five grades) for all kinds of user selection can. Three, pressure vessel factory Professional manufacture of canned food sterilization equipment. Having pressure vessel design and manufacturing experience, a pressure vessel manufacturing license, the sterilization pot products widely covered by the domestic more canned food factory, a vertical sterilization pot, horizontal sterilization pot, rotary sterilization pot, double sterilization pot, pour water sterilization cooker series products, supporting semi-automatic and fully automatic sterilizing automatic control system. Developed after sterilization in canning automatic washing tank, loading and unloading tank production line, the cannery cans after processing equipment supporting the formation. The introduction of production "international well-known enterprises in France Balikan company a full set of technology Steriflow1300 Shantou:" water spraying sterilization pot, reached the international advanced level, is the good choice of sterilization equipment.
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Canned food machinery, canning factory, Maguchi Tetsumi cans, cans of resistance welding, pressure vessel
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