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Wuxi Ali Financial Information Consulting Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Wuxi Ali Financial Information Consulting Co., Ltd. is a strong, sound procedures, advanced equipment, high survey firm law-abiding, professional (private detective business accounts management restructuring debt, information investigation). For enterprises and individuals and departments at all levels to solve practical problems in the development of. To "unite professional survey model, to solve customer problems" for the purpose, to provide the greatest return value for customers, as their goal, strive to make our strength, so as to provide personalized comprehensive service for customers, for you to recover the rational reasonable! The company will be the spirit of "keep secret, operate in accordance with the law, integrity services, to defend the rights and interests, the pursuit of excellence" the purpose of adhere to the "credibility first, efficiency first, the confidentiality of the first," the occupation spirit, uphold the "people-oriented, science and technology as, wisdom for the soul, the law shall prevail," work, for your dedicated service, become your faithful friend trust! Our advantages: executive core survey team Chau Wai business survey center experienced has engaged in a number of male, inspection, and troops and other professionals, and business elite, excellent quality, rich experience, business investigation and collection and information consulting team. Integrity and serious working attitude and good service consciousness, strong sense of professionalism and high sense of responsibility, rigorous style of work, the pursuit of excellence, be strict in one's demands, dedicated to fulfill customer's entrustment contract. The company signed a confidentiality agreement with your investigation, in order to safeguard the legitimate interests of customers for the purpose of investigation and evidence collection, never to reveal information to the other third party institution or individual, to maintain your legitimate rights and interests of about. Our aim: Honest, efficient, secure, legitimate! Our commitment: 1, the quality of service: the company entrusted to the customer the best thing will be fruit, the effectiveness of our work can get the customer's trust and satisfaction. 2, according to the proportion of the subject consulting fees, if not up to the agreed results, our full refund (cost extra). 3, according to the process of recharging, the charges are reasonable, investigation without results no longer charge. Our security measures: Strictly follow the industry standard, strict confidentiality of information of customers, presided over by the special investigation in person, not with any irrelevant personnel (including the company personnel) revealed, ensure privacy, security client.
Main Products
National information investigation, researchers tracked, enterprise anti-counterfeiting rights, intellectual property protection, business consultation
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Contact:   Wu Jialong
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  The city of Nanjing  Wuxi city is the city Qingshi Road No. 126 room 1809