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Henan water purification material Brand
Business Model
Our factory is located in the national health city - Dengfeng city; here can ascend one of the five sacred mountains of the Songshan Zhongyue exhibition; four college one of Songyang Academy; one of the three caves of Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang peony flowers; Xian. I plant is the production of water purification materials, stone crafts professional manufacturers, the use of local rich mineral resources? Cooperation with colleges and scientific research units, research and production of series of water purification materials, stone products. By high quality products; exquisite craftsmanship and perfect pre-sale after sale services to win the majority of customers praise, make I plant in the fierce market competition in the large firm foothold. Our factory main products are: water purification material series; building materials series; series of sculpture; landscape process series and painting stone series products. Water purification materials series: water treatment materials, water treatment agent, water treatment filler. Building materials series: stone, kerb, stair stone, paving stone and other products. Sculpture series: Shirengou Shima, stone elephants, lions, and many other characters, animals, flowers and birds sculpture. Garden Technology Series: rockery, fountain, pavilion, corridor, stone table, stone bench, stone railings and other products. Natural landscape stone series: natural gravel, river stone, Taihu stone, Lingbi stone and so on each kind of view stone. Painting stone series: painting stone with natural stone and refined grains, stone natural formation of landscape pattern, each block patterns are not the same, is the collection of Jiapin.
Main Products
Material for water treatment, water purification agent, brush brand, brand refresh, refresh the brand
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Contact:   Zhai Changjun
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Du Fulu Gongyi city bus station 100 meters south